Yueyang is a historical and cultural city nestled within the Yangtze River valley, referred to as a bright pearl besides Dongting Lake. It is located in Northeast Hunan and consists of two county-level cities (Linxiang, Miluo), four counties (Pingjiang, Yueyang, Huarong, and Xiangyin), three districts (Yueyanglou, Yunxi, and Junshan), Yueyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chenglingji New Port Zone, South Lake Scenic Area and Qu Yuan Administration Area , covering an area of 15,087 square kilometers with a population of 5.5019 million (2020).

Yueyang Huagu (“Flowery Drum”) Opera

Originated from folk songs, the Huagu Opera has gradually developed into its primary form with a female and a clown singing and dancing.

Yuezhou Kiln

Yuezhou Kiln is located near the dyke of Chengguan Town in Xiangyin County, within the 700-meter-long area from Shuimen in the north to Dong...