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The educational, science & technology and cultural undertakings achieved a rapid development. In 2017, the secondary vocational education enrollment had 22,000 new entrants, 60,900 full-time students and 14,700 graduates. Senior secondary schools had 29,200 new entrants, 85,500 full-time students and 27,400 graduates. Students enrolled in junior secondary schools totaled 53,900, including 160,200 full-time students and 52,700 graduates. 

The city had a primary education enrollment of 61,500 students, including 347,200 full-time students and 53,200 graduates. There were 108 students enrolled in special education schools, with 1,179 full-time students and 67 graduates. Kindergartens accommodated 175,800 children. There are a total of six colleges and polytechnic schools and several medical schools, among which the major national level educational institution is Hunan Institute of Science and Technology.

Other colleges include:
Hunan Polytechnic
Radio and TV University Yueyang
National Institute of Occupational Hunan
Hunan Petrochemical Vocational and Technical College
Yueyang Vocational and Technical College

The No.1 Middle School of the City of Yueyang (key provincial)
The No. 2 Middle School of the City of Yueyang
The No. 3 Middle School of the City of Yueyang
The No. 4 Middle School of the City of Yueyang
The High School of Yueyang City
The No. 6 Middle School of the City of Yueyang
The No. 7 Middle School of the City of Yueyang (Music School of the City of Yueyang)
The No. 8 Middle School of the City of Yueyang
The No. 9 Middle School of the City of Yueyang
The No. 10 Middle School of the City of Yueyang
The No. 11 Middle School of the City of Yueyang (secondary school Yueyang Financial, in 1990 Technical School)
The No. 12 Middle School of the City of Yueyang
Changlian Middle School (key provincial)
The Yuehua Middle School (key provincial)
Middle School of the City of Miluo (key provincial)
The No.1 Middle School of Huarong (key provincial)

Secondary Vocational Schools
Yueyang City Ahafo language
Zhongshan Yueyang City School Finance
Pok Man Foreign Languages School
Huarong County Vocational Schools
Yueyang County Vocational Schools
Great Wall vocational schools

Primary Schools
Yueyang Tower Primary
Nanhu Primary
Dongfanghong Primary
Chaoyang Primary 

By the end of 2017, there was one engineering research center at state level, 14 at provincial level and 70 at city level. A total of 43 scientific achievements were registered. The number of invention patent applications reached 2,801 and authorized patents 1,782. A total of 286 technology contracts were signed, representing 327 million yuan in value.

Table 9 Patent Applications and Authorization in 2017




Increase over last year¡¯s figure

Patent applications




#patent for invention




Patent authorization




#patent for invention




By the end of 2017, there were 9 laboratories for product inspection, including one national inspection center. There were 7 agencies for legal metrology verification institution. There were 805 food production licenses. The number of meter regulators for compulsory verification totaled 130,000 sets in the whole year.

By the end of 2017, there were 112 performing arts groups, the same as that of the previous year, 11 mass art centers and culture centers, 11 public libraries, 12 museums and memorials. A total of 374,00 episodes of rural public movies were shown. There was one radio broadcasting station and one TV broadcasting station in the city and the radio broadcasting and TV broadcasting coverage rates were 99.86% and 99.91% respectively. Subscribers to cable television programs numbered 1.571 million. There were 7 state-level intangible cultural heritage items and 17 provincial-level intangible cultural heritage items.

There were altogether 9,617 sports grounds, including 20 stadiums. The city carried out 242 mass fitness programs with a regular participation of 2.11 million people. The number of administrative villages with newly-built farmer sports fitness projects was 180.

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