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Yueyang is a modern livable city with favorable ecological environment. Located at the humid subtropical climate zone, it has distinctive seasons and abundant rainfall, with annual average temperature being 17ˇć and rainfall 1,302 mm.

Yueyang saw the share of days with good air quality up to 74.6%, ranking first among the six provincially-monitored cities in Hunan.

Yueyang is endowed with lush mountains, lucid waters, and gorgeous landscape.

Yueyang occupies 60% water area of Dongting Lake. The Eastern Dongting Lake Wetland is listed as a national natural reserve and on the list of wetlands of international importance defined by the Ramsar Convention.

Yueyang was inscribed on the IUCN Green List. IUCN refers the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
Yueyang has three national forest parks and three national demonstration counties (districts) for ecological construction. The forest coverage rate of the whole city reaches 45.3% with green ratio in urban built-up areas being 40%. It was reputed as one of the most recommended ecological cities in China in the eyes of embassies in China, and won gold award of the "Happiest Cities in China". Yueyang was titled "National Civilized City", ˇ°National Garden Cityˇ±, ˇ°National Model City for Greeningˇ±, and ˇ°City for Bird-viewingˇ±.  It was identified as a large-scale city along with Changsha and Hengyang cities in Hunan Province in 2018.

Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn