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This photo shows the Chenglingji (Qilishan) Hydrometric Station of Yueyang City. (Photo/Liu Yu, xinhuanet)

The photo presents the busy Chenglingji New Port Area. (Photo/Liu Yu, xinhuanet)

Yueyang, Hunan's only port with access to sea and the only international trading port, is the largest inland port of China, one of the Top 50 ports worldwide, and the first of its kind in central China with the cargo tonnage reaching 100 mln tons. 

In 2014, Chenglingji port was approved to be a national comprehensive free trade zone, a pilot port of shipment for preferential rebate policy, and a designated port for importing meat, grain, whole vehicles, and solid wastes. Such national authorizations will be particularly significant for Yueyang's involving in developing the Yangtze River Economic Belt, so as to accelerate its port and open economies.

In H1 of 2018, Yueyang city port construction has continued good development momentum, with foreign trade and container throughput rising in spite of recession on the whole. The container throughput exceeded Jiujiang and Yichang by 52,000, and 149,000 TEUs respectively. The Chenglingji New Port Area and the Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone enjoyed the most amount of contracted investment in terms of industrial projects among all the Yueyang¡¯s industrial parks. The Chenglingji Comprehensive Bonded Zone signed more than 700 million CNY of processing trade and comprehensive service projects, and major projects such as Hewlett-Packard, Vipshop, and ProLogis will also sign the contract soon.

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