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Large state-owned enterprises are located in Yueyang, including Sinopec Changling Refining & Chemical Company, Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company, Yueyang Power Generation Company of China Huaneng Group, and Hunan Tiger Forest & Paper Group. It is an important processing base for petrochemical, papermaking, electric energy, renewable resource, and agricultural products in south and central China. Yueyang¡¯s petrochemical and food industries both have a total output value of 100 billion CNY, and progress have been made in its emerging industries such as Beidou application, biomedicine, new materials, as well as energy conservation and environmental protection.

Yueyang, an emerging industrial city in central China, was listed by Forbes magazine Chinese version as one of the Top 20 Chinese mainland cities for factory runners, one of the Top 25 cities for logistics businesses, and one of the best commercial cities in mainland China 2014, and was assessed by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC to be one of the best Chinese cities for investors.

There are 10 industrial parks above the provincial level, with a planned total area of about 1,100 square kilometers. In addition, the Military-civilian Beidou Satellite Industrial Park officially opened, and the Dongting Lake International E-Commerce New Town was launched. In accordance with the requirements of market-oriented advancement, scale development, standardization construction, and functional support, the city is vigorously implementing the ¡°135¡± project for the development of innovative and entrepreneurial parks. It focuses on giving priority to 10 innovative and entrepreneurial parks, building standard workshops of over 3 million square meters, and introducing more than 500 innovative enterprises and startups.

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