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Yueyang is one of China¡¯s best tourist cities full of scenic spots and historic sites. It has 193 scenic areas including Yueyang Tower, Junshan Island, Eastern Dongting Lake Wetland, Quyuan Memorial Temple, and ancient architectures of Zhangguying Village, and 22 historic and revolutionary sites like Pingjiang Uprising Site and the Memorial Hall for Ren Bishi. Yueyang Tower-Junshan Island was rated as a national 5-A scenic spot.

Nanhu Lake in Yueyang City is known as the ¡°Lake Geneva of the Orient¡±. Yueyang is accelerating the construction of China (Dongting Lake) Expo Park and the ¡°13118¡± Nanhu Lake Integrated Project, so as to make Yueyang a national Dongting Lake tourist resort.

In recent years, Yueyang has taken efforts to develop regional tourism and promote Hunan-Hubei-Jiangxi tourism cooperation. Zhongrong Property Management Co., Ltd., Huaya Group, and Huanghe Group have invested here to develop tourism and related industrial projects.

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