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2018 China New Energy Automobile Rally C...

The 2018 China Rally Championship in New Energy Automobile Race Around Dongting Lake (Rally Championship) kicked off in Changde City on October 12.

15 10
Art Exhibition of Qing Dynasty to Open

The exhibition will display 132 exported art works of the Qing Dynasty which are housed in the Opium War Museum, including porcelain, Cantonese embroidery, Cant...

09 10
Recommended Flower Tours in Yueyang

There are several places to enjoy flowers in Autumn.

02 10
Shiniuzhai National Day Carnivals

Various activities at Shiniuzhai hot scenic spots are in full swing.

East Dongting Lake Nature Reserve

The East Dongting Lake Nature Reserve is one of China's 30 important wetlands in the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

Flower World Garden at Nanhu Park

Flower World Garden is located in the southern part of Nanhu Park. It is a world-class nature landscape. 

Pingjiang’s Huangqiao Village

The traditional Huangqiao Village is located in Shangtashi Town, Pingjiang County. The Huangniwan Mansion in the village covers an area of more than 4,000 squar...

Yueyang Tower

The Yueyang Tower is unique in architecture. One of its unique features is that its roof looks just like a general's helmet.

Yangsha Lake National Wetland Park

The photo above taken on August 9 shows a green natural scene seen in Yangsha Lake National Wetland Park, Xiangyin County, Yueyang City.

Junshan Wild Lotus World

Junshan Wild Lotus World boasts the largest habitat of lotus in Asia, stretching to over 5,000 mu (about 333 hectares). It was hence named as "The Home to Chine...

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