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29 12
Happy New Year 2019

New year is just around the corner.Various activities at Shiniuzhai hot scenic spots are in full swing.

19 12
Flower-Drum Opera “Sweet Wine Ballad” to...

The modern flow-drum opera and light comedy "Sweet Wine Ballad" concluded its 2018 Miluo tour on December 12. 

16 11
Top Ten Hunan Cultural Landmarks Announc...

Cultural landmarks are a city’s cultural identity. They are symbols of local history and culture. They represent the spiritual homeland for those who live here.

01 11
Hunan in One Minute

Here’s a one-minute video to showcase splendid and innovative Hunan, produced by the People’s Daily New Media Center and the Office of the Central Cyberspace Af...

Shiniu Village National Geopark

It is a world made up of strange stones, unusual mountains and stone caves. It is truly distinctive, fantastic and breath-taking.

East Dongting Lake Nature Reserve

The East Dongting Lake Nature Reserve is one of China's 30 important wetlands in the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

Flower World Garden at Nanhu Park

Flower World Garden is located in the southern part of Nanhu Park. It is a world-class nature landscape. 

Pingjiang’s Huangqiao Village

The traditional Huangqiao Village is located in Shangtashi Town, Pingjiang County. The Huangniwan Mansion in the village covers an area of more than 4,000 squar...

Yueyang Tower

The Yueyang Tower is unique in architecture. One of its unique features is that its roof looks just like a general's helmet.

Yangsha Lake National Wetland Park

The photo above taken on August 9 shows a green natural scene seen in Yangsha Lake National Wetland Park, Xiangyin County, Yueyang City.

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