Yangsha Lake Scenic Area

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Yangsha Lake is a natural lake located in southeast of Xiangyin County. It covers nearly 6,000 mu, more than 400 hectares. It is a national 4A-level scenic area.

The Yangsha Lake International Tourism Resort is 30 km northward from Changsha, on the Xiangjiang River coast and to the south of Dongting Lake. It is in the territory of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan ¡°Two-oriented Society¡± Lakeside Demonstration Area. It is the confluence of Hunan¡¯s four main streams ¨C Xiangjiang, Zijiang, Yuanshui, and Lishui rivers, and leads to the Dongting Lake through a 30-minute boat journey northward.

There are abundant biological species, including more than 600 spermatophytes, and nearly 200 endangered animal species under national protection. There are also nearly 50 protected migrant bird species based on the migrant bird protection agreement between China and Australia and Japan. The Yangsha Lake resort is a world-class site of migrant bird overwintering and migration, and also a wetland of conservation value in Dongting Lake area.

Travel tips: 

Service hotline: 0730-2853333
Add.: Yangsha Lake Scenic Area, Furong North Road, Hunan
Opening hours: 8:00-17:30
Getting there:
1. From Xiangyin to Yangsha Lake Scenic Area
Take Bus No. 3, 4, or 5 and get off at Yangsha Lake Station.
2. From Changsha North Bus Station to Yangsha Lake Scenic Area
Take a coach at Changsha North Bus Station to Zhiyuan School Station, then take Bus No. 5 and get off at Yangsha Lake Station.

Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn; WeChat official account of the Yangsha Lake Scenic Area