Dongfeng Lake Ecological Park

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Dongfeng Lake Ecological Park, a highlight of the environment improvement of the Dongfeng Lake New Area development project, will open to the public on October 1, after a 3-year construction.

The park covers an area of 650,000 sqm, including 490,000 sqm of green area. There are a 13-km long lake-around greenway, a 4-meter wide bicycle lane, and a 3-meter wide walkway, connecting the 500,000-sqm landscapes of the park.

Over the past years, Yueyang has taken a series of measures to clean up black and malodorous water bodies in the park. Today, it has been built into a new Dongfeng Lake with lucid water and beautiful scenery, and the local living environment has been notably improved.

The Dongfeng Lake New Area covers 16.95 square kilometers, including 2.56 square kilometers of green area, 18.8% of the total. The per capita green area reaches 10.02 square meters. The lake-around green areas, the ecological ring around the lake, and the ecological corridor formed by internal waterways and greenbelt along the riverbanks, form a huge ˇ°green webˇ± to vitalize the new area.

Translator: Pang Yuehui
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