Some Tourists Sites, Cultural Venues Closed or Limit Visitor Numbers

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Recently scenic areas and cultural venues in Hunan Province are temporarily closed and limit the number of visitors due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Residents are suggested to check the epidemic prevention and control notice before making a visit.

Hunan Library; Yuelu Academy; Langshan Mountain Scenic Area; Huaihua Museum, Huaihua Cultural Center; A-level scenic spots in Yongzhou City including Lingling Liu Zongyuan Cultural Tourism Area, Dongshan Mountain, and Zhou Family Courtyard; scenic spots in Qiyang City including Wuxi Forest of Steles, Shidongyuan Scenic Area, Huanglong Scenic Area, and Dehui Scenic Area; Xiangtan 24-hour Self-service Reading Room, and Longping Rice-themed Museum were temporarily closed.

Off-line activities were cancelled in the following cultural venues: Hunan Cultural Center, Changsha Concert Hall, Changsha Library, Changsha Mass Art Center; Xiangtan Library and Xiangtan Children¡¯s Library; Yueyang Library; and Chenzhou Library. 

Some scenic areas have tightened anti-epidemic measures:

Hunan Botanical Garden limits the number of visitors to 20,000 every day.

Hengshan Mountain Core Scenic Area caps its daily visits at 4,000 every day. Nanyue Temple limits daily visits to 6,000. Those who do not make a reservation are not allowed to enter.

Shaoshan Tourism Scenic Area strictly limits visitor numbers. Those with the following circumstances are not suggested to visit the scenic area£º
Those with an overseas travel history in the past 21 days£»
Those with a travel history to medium- and high-risk areas and the counties (cities, districts) where those areas locate, closed areas, and controlled areas in the past 14 days;
Those who have symptoms of fever, dry cough, fatigue and cannot rule out possibility of COVID-19 infections;
Those who have red or yellow Health Code; and,
Those whose Travel History Code has an asterisk (*) mark;

At Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area, only Line A of round-trip cableway route is available.

The Line A travel route is suspended at Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.