8 Driving Tour Routes Recommended

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Eight featured driving tour routes were announced on May 19 when the Yueyang tourism consumption season was inaugurated. They are:

Yueyang Tower

1. Ancient Culture Tour
Yueyang Tower¡ªZhang Guying Scenic Area¡ªQu Yuan Temple

Junshan Island Park

2. Natural Scenery Tour
Junshan Island Park¡ªTuanhu Park¡ªYangsha Lake

Yueyang Tower¡ªShiniuzhai Scenic Area

Pingjiang Uprising Memorial Museum

3. Red (revolutionary-related) Tour
Pingjiang Uprising Memorial Museum¡ªRen Bishi¡¯s Former Residence

Longjiao Mountain

4. Rural Tour
Longjiao Mountain¡ªChangle Town

Mufu Mountain

5. Leisure Tour
Junshan Island Park¡ªMufu Mountain

6. Green and Ecological Tour
Nanhu Lake¡ªEast Dongting Wetland¡ªHualong Wharf

Tieshan Reservoir

7. Pro-poor Tour
Changshou Town¡ªTieshan Reservoir

6501 Scenic Area

8. National Defense Education Tour
Zuo Zongtang¡¯s Former Residence¡ª6501 Scenic Area (a man-made cave)¡ªYueyang Missionary School

These routes will facilitate the tourists to find Yueyang¡¯s charm as a National Historical and Cultural City and a ¡°city of rivers and lakes¡±.

The tourism consumption season was hosted by the Yueyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television, the Yueyang Civil Affairs Office, and Nanhu New Area Administrative Committee. The theme is ¡°Traveling in Yueyang, and Enjoying Beautiful Nanhu Lake¡±. Online and offline activities will be organized in the city and the scenic areas, to promote public participation and sharing of cultural tourism resources.

Yueyang¡¯s scenic spots, travel agencies, starred hotels, and five-star rural resorts, offered a series of online preferential activities, including e-red envelope lucky draw, 1,000 free scenic spot tickets, and 300 free rooms at starred hotels.

Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn