Enjoying Canola Flowers in Shiniuzhai

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Duration: March-April
Venue: Zhiniuzhai, Pingjiang

Pingjiang County is carpeted with a million mu (about 66,666 ha.) of canola flowers at the beginning of March. The best viewing route is from Aní»ding Toll Station to Shiniuzhai Scenic Spot--nearly 89 kilometers. Best views are at Jiayi, Changshou, and Longmen towns.

Exciting experiences are offered, including a glass skywalk and a cliff swing. 

Regular flower-viewing routes:
Changshou, Jiayi, Aní»ding and Longmen towns eastward
Hongqiao, Nanjiang, and Shangtashi towns northward
Mujin Township, Wenjiang, Wukou, Xiangjia, and Wushi towns westward
Chengguan Town, and Sanyang Township in downtown Pingjiang County

Add.: Shiniuzhai, Pingjiang County, Hunan