Zhang Guying Village Harvest Celebration

Duration: September 23 to October 8
Venue: Zhang Guying Village

2018 Yueyang Cyber Security Publicity Week

Duration: September 17 to September 23 
Venue: Yueyang

2018 Yueyang Mass Art Works Exhibition

Duration: September 12 to September 18
Venue: Yueyang Art Museum

Mid-Autumn Festival

Duration: September 22 to September 24
Venue: Yueyang

Yueyang (Junshan) Wild Lotus Tourism Festival

Duration: July 28 to October 10
Venue: Yueyang (Junshan) Wild Lotus World

The Most Beautiful Photograph Exhibition

Duration: May 2018 to June 2019
Venue: Hunan

Yueyang to Hold Cultural Industry Achievements Exh...

Date: July 16th to 18th
Venue: Yueyang Culture and Art Exhibition Center

Appreciating Lotus Flowers in Yueyang

Duration: June - August
Venue:Junshan Wild Lotus World, Yueyang

2018 China (Hunan) Red Tourism Cultural Festival

Date: July 22
Venue: Pingjiang, Yueyang