“Yueyang Memory” Archives Exhibition

Duration: Since June 4
Venue: Yueyang City Archives

Revolutionary Cultural Relics Exhibition

Duration: Sept. 30 to Oct. 31
Venue: Yueyang Museum

China-South Korea Modern Art Exchange Exhibition

Duration: Sept. 6 to Oct. 22
Venue: Yueyang Daguan Art Museum

Flower Show to Mark 70th Anniversary of PRC Foundi...

Duration: Sept. 26 to Oct. 8
Venue: Yueyang

Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition

Duration: Sept. 5-6
Venue: Yueyang

2019 China (Miluo) International Light Festival Op...

Duration: August 7 to 31
Venue: Xichang Village, Miluo

“Summer of Science” Opens

Duration: July 16 to August 25
Venue: Yueyang Science and Technology Museum

National Dance Drama “Confucius”

Duration: August 5 and 6
Venue: Yueyang Cultural & Artistic Convention and Exhibition Center

Yueyang Jungle Adventure Park Opens

Duration: Starting from July 14
Venue: Mufu Mountain National Forest Park, Pingjiang