Recommended Flower Tours in Yueyang

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1.Flower World Garden

Flower World Garden is located in the southern part of Nanhu Park. It is a world-class nature landscape. 

It has 9 unique scenic spots and covers a total area of 300 mu (20 ha), about 4.5 km away from downtown. The latest modern gardening techniques, technology, and ideas were adapted to display a world of flowers. 

The garden¡¯s theme is ¡°Flowers of the Four Seasons¡±. When visiting , you will be amazed by fragrance  and harmonious surroundings. It has become a model of the beautiful ecological civilization construction of China in Hunan Province and all of central China.

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2.Enjoying ¡°Sea of Flowers¡± at Xichang Village

The ¡°Sea of Flowers¡± is located inside Xichang Ecological Park at Xichang Village, Miluo. Covering a total area of 600 mu (40 ha), it offers tourists 100-odd-variety of flowers, a children¡¯s fancy world, and the park-related facilities such as parking and a tourist center.

As one of the most beautiful counties in China, Xichang Village is an ideal place for rural tourism, where you may enjoy flowers, take photos, and participate in agricultural work. 

Transportation: five kilometers from the toll station of Xiangying County East (Exit¡ªLiu Tang) of the Yueyang-Wangcheng Express Way.

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3.Yangshahu Multi-colored Flower Field in Xiangying County

The Multi-colored Yangshahu Flower Field covers a total area of 600 mu (40 ha). When visiting here, you will find yourself in a sea of flowers and the world of art.

It is a wonderful place for sightseeing, cultural events, wedding photography, popular science education, and leisure activities.

In such a pleasant season, the Flower Field is extremely charming.

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Reeds at Dongting Lakeside, Yueyang

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File photo (Photo/Tang Zhijian)
Reeds are seen nationwide in autumn, but there¡¯s a special scenic spot in Hunan ¨C the Dongting Lakeside. The reeds are dense with clean and bright reed catkins waving in the breeze. Mature reeds can be 2-3 meters tall. Visitors may easily get lost in this maze of reeds. 
Admission: free
Opening hours: all day
Address: East Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve in Junshan District, Yueyang

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