3 Wetlands in Yueyang Shortlisted for Provincial-level Key Wetlands

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The Hunan Provincial People¡¯s Government recently announced the second batch of provincial-level key wetlands. Yueyang has three wetlands on the list¡ªthe Donghu Lake wetland in Huarong County; the Miluo River wetland in Miluo City; and, the Yangsha Lake-Donghu Lake wetland in Xiangyin County.  

Yueyang, a key ecological functional area of Hunan Province, has abundant resources of migrant birds and wetland plants. There are 18 bird species under first-class state protection, and 64 species under second-class state protection. There is one wetland plant species under first-class state protection, and 6 under second-class state protection.

The East Dongting Lake Wetland is Hunan¡¯s only national-level wetland reserve, one of China¡¯s 51 demonstration reserves, and one of China¡¯s 21 designated internationally key wetland natural reserves. It is mainly for the protection of wetland and rare birds. Hence, Yueyang is reputed as a ¡°city of bird watching in China¡± and the ¡°most worth-recommended Chinese eco-friendly city in China by foreign embassies to the world¡±.

The three shortlisted wetlands will strictly implement Hunan¡¯s wetland protection regulations, designate protection areas as soon as possible, and enhance wetland protection and management, to give a full play to their ecological service function.

Translator: Pang Yuehui

Chinese source: 803.com.cn