“Golden Ideas” Wanted for Optimizing Government Services in Hunan Province

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The Government Affairs Service Center of the People’s Government of Hunan Province and the Hunan Broadcasting System have jointly launched the “I have an advice for government service” initiative, to publicly solicit “Golden Ideas” for optimizing government service. The event aims to promote the high-quality development of government services in Hunan Province; eliminate bottlenecks and difficulties hindering the handling of government services; improve the convenience, satisfaction, and sense of gain of enterprises and the public; build a legal, market-oriented, and international business environment; and, contribute to the promotion and implementation of the Three Highlands and Four New Missions Strategy in Hunan Province. Valuable opinions and suggestions from all sectors of life are appreciated. Let’s jointly draw up a new blueprint for Hunan's government services.

Ideas Wanted
The ideas should closely focus on the work arrangement of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Hunan Province.

It could be the “Internet plus government service” integrated platform application; daily management of government service halls; online and offline integrated development; “have access to government services across the whole province”, “inter-regional government services”; deepening “One-step Approval Process” reform; business handling system docking; process optimization; government service standards and regulations; government service evaluation mechanisms; and, positive incentive measures.

The initiative should adhere to the problem-oriented approach, and extensively solicit opinions and suggestions from all walks of life.

Duration: July the 15th, 2021 to September the 30th, 2021

Participation Methods

Method No. 1. Offer ideas via web portal:
Log in to the “湖南省人民政府门户网站| Hunan Provincial People's Government Portal www.hunan.gov.cn”, and click on the “I have an advice for government services| 我为政务服务献一策” initiative column, to participate in the “Golden Ideas| 金点子” solicitation; download the “Xin Xiang Shi Cheng| 新湘事成” APP, and join the event through the link “I have an advice for government services| 我为政务服务献一策”.

Method No. 2. Offer ideas via WeChat account:
Scan the “I have an advice for government services我为政务服务献一策” QR code to participate in the “Golden Ideas金点子” solicitation.

Method No.3. Offer ideas on site:
Posters on “Golden Ideas” solicitation have been made at all levels of government service halls (at province, city, and county levels) across Hunan Province, and comments can be made at a specific point inside the hall.

Method No.4. Write an email to offer ideas at zwzxin2021@163.com.

Method No.5. Mail a letter to offer your ideas: 

Print out the “I have an advice for government services| 我为政务服务献一策” solicitation form and fill it out, and join the “Golden Ideas” solicitation via postal EMS express.
Mailing address: Hunan Provincial People’s Government Service Hall, No. 6 Yinxing Road, Tianxin District, Changsha City.  Zip code 410004.
Except for methods No. 1 and No. 2, please specify the message title-- “I have an advice for government services| 我为政务服务献一策” and leave your name, unit, and contact information. Your personal information and content of suggestions will be kept strictly confidential.

Please scan the QR code to leave your message.

Source: enghunan.gov.cn