Pandemic Advice from Yueyang COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Center

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As the coldest days in winter approach and the temperature drops to freezing point, the coronavirus pandemic has sparked a surge. In the past few days, local clusters of COVID-19 cases have been reported in many places in China. The Yueyang Municipal COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Center announced on January 7 that in order to effectively contain the virus, efforts should be made to protect the health and safety of the people. Starting from January 7, citizens must wear a mask when visiting important locations and public venues. The COVID-19 infections are likely to increase if people don¡¯t wear a mask properly.

The Yueyang Municipal COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Center asks citizens to wear a mask in the following circumstances:
--Having meetings and trainings in a confined space;
--Wearing a disposable medical mask or surgical mask when seeing a doctor, visiting or giving care to inpatients;
--Taking public transportation such as buses, coaches, trains, ships, and airplanes;
--Visiting schools and working in schools such as watch keepers, cleaners, and canteen staff;
--Visiting or working at exhibition halls, beauty salons, theaters, amusement halls, Internet cafes, stadiums, and dance halls;
--Visiting or working at nursing homes, welfare homes, prisons and mental health institutions;
--Taking elevators and staying in other poorly ventilated and crowded locations; and,
--Those who are required to wear a mask in accordance with industry management regulations.

Currently Yueyang¡¯s important locations and public venues (business entities) will strictly fulfill their responsibilities as required. Eye-catching notice will be set up at the entrance to remind citizens of providing health codes and wearing a mask before entry. Health code scanning, temperature taking, masks wearing, ventilation, disinfection, and other work will be strengthened. Special staff will be appointed to ask the public to keep one-meter social distance and stop those who do not wear a mask from entering. Service guidance and health verification will be provided to special groups such as the elderly and minors.

Relevant departments at all levels must strictly implement their responsibilities to strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of prevention and control measures such as wearing masks in important places, and promptly discover problems and supervise the rectification of problems. Those who refuse to obey the new rules and severely undermine public order should be handed over to the police in accordance with laws and regulations.

Translator: Xiao Juan
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