Ministry of Foreign Affairs Presenting Hunan Province

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The Event of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Presenting Hunan Province was held in the South Building of the MFA on the afternoon of September 12, 2019. The theme was "China in the New Era: Innovative Hunan, Embracing the World".

Two hundred and twenty diplomats and representatives from 145 countries and international organizations, and managers of Fortune Global 500 companies, gathered together to learn about an innovative and open Hunan. (Full Story)

On the occasion of the 70th founding anniversary of the People*s Republic of China, Ministry of Foreign Affairs events presenting Chinese provinces and regions come to the 4th session.The spotlight this time is 每 Hunan Province!

Hunan's beautiful natural and cultural features
have long been a source of inspiration
for countless literati,
such as Lu You, a famous patriotic poet of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 AD - 1279 AD).
He expressed his amazement upon seeing Hunan*s beautiful natural sceneries,
※It*s hard to create a poem
if we don*t see such sceneries.§
Hunan 每 a ※land of fish and rice§,
with vast expanse of fertile land and,
the air heavy with the aroma of the paddy fields.

Chairman Mao, in his poem ※CHANGSHA---to the Tune of Spring Beaming in Garden§, wrote
※I wonder in this world so vast and dim / who decides who will sink or swim§; and in his poem ※Snow---to the Tune of Spring Beaming in Garden§wrote,
※Brilliant heroes are those / whom we will see today§.
Hunan, a cradle of great men and a land of revolution.
Hunan, an important birthplace of
the Chinese revolution,
giving birth to a large number of heroes.

With the geographical advantages of being a transitional zone
from China*s eastern coastal areas to the central and western areas,
connecting the northern and southern areas,
innovative and open Hunan,
welcomes new historical opportunities,
to make itself a land of
prosperity, beauty, and happiness.

Beautiful Mountains and Magnificent Rivers and Lakes

Hunan shaped like an unfolding mulberry leaf,
lies in China*s interior.
The Xiangjiang, Zijiang, Yuanjiang, and Lishui Rivers all begin in the mountains and
converge in Dongting Lake, a vast expanse of misty and rolling waters.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park,
a UNESCO World Heritage Site,
famous for its spectacular jagged stone pillars, clear lakes and streams.
It is a natural miracle,
the model for Chinese landscape painting.

Langshan Mountain shrouded in clouds,
a Danxia landform gem,
a national treasure, and,
a wonder of the world.

Mount Hengshan, also known as the Southern Mountain or Nanyue,
consists of 72 peaks, is
800 li (400 km) in circumference.
Huiyan is the first southern peak,
Yuelu is the northern one.
In his poem "Ode to Mount Hengshan",
Wei Yuan, a famous scholar of the Qing Dynasty
(1636 AD 每 1912 AD),
praised it, saying,
"Only the Southern Mountain gives you
the feeling of flying."

Created during the Qin Dynasty
(221 BC 每 207 BC),
Ziquejie Terraced Fields,
in various shapes,
look like big basins, long ribbons,
and crescent moons.

Misty Dongjiang Lake, looks like a wonderland,
surrounded by green mountains and clear water.
The lake was formed
when Dongjiang River was cut by a dam.

Long History and Profound Culture

Chengtoushan Ancient Cultural Site
in Lixian County, Changde,
the earliest town known in China,
dates to 6,300 years ago.
Chinese civilization can be traced back
a 1,000 years earlier.

Mount Jiuyi
tells a mythical love story
about Emperor Shun and his wives.
The Miluo River
inspired the patriotic poet Qu Yuan
to create his epic masterpiece.

Liye Qin Bamboo Slips,
hidden in an ancient well for over 2,000 years,
represent Qin and Han Dynastic histories.

A two-thousand-year-old ※sleeping beauty§ Xin Zhui
excavated from one of the Mawangdui Han Tombs,
amazes the world, and
represents brilliant Chinese civilization during the Han Dynasty (202 BC-220 BC).

※To be the first to worry about the nation*s woes
and the last to share in its prosperity§,
a line from the well-known essay
※Remarks of Yueyang Tower§,
demonstrates the Chinese spirit of
being dedicated to the country and the people.

Yuelu Academy,
an ※over-one-thousand-year-old§
educational institution,
is where a number of
Chinese historic celebrities were inspired,
  and time-honored Huxiang culture originated here.

Hunan〞Ancient and Traditional, Warm and Wonderful

Exquisite Hunan embroidery demonstrates
the soul of Hunan,
in needles, threads, and fibers.
It boasts vividly-demonstrated patterns and images:
the flowers are fragrant; the birds sing;
tigers run; and, portraits are lifelike.
It sells well overseas.

Liling under-glaze colored porcelain,
as white as jade, as thin as paper,
as bright as a mirror,
sounds clear and ear-pleasing, and,
hailed as the ※peak of Oriental porcelain art§,
is becoming famous worldwide.

Hot Hunan cuisines challenge the taste buds limit.
Chopped bell pepper fish head, red-braised pork,
Tangyou Baba( glutinous rice flour cake fried in oil and sugar), and stinky tofu,
innumerable delicious dishes await foodies.

A handful of red cluster peppers,
a bowlful of glutinous rice wine,
a few flower-drum opera notes,
Hunanese, brave and daring,
a vanguard leading a lively life.

Lusheng music of Dong nationality,
Maogusi dance of Tujia nationality,
Beautiful Miao and Huayao girls,
Hunan ethnic group culture shines.

Pristine Tuojiang River,
reflects upturned eaves, angles,
and stilted buildings along the riverbanks.
the most beautiful town in China,
has been waiting for you for a thousand of years.

Innovative Hunan: An ※Intelligent Manufacturing§ Highland

A Seed
changes the world.
Super hybrid rice
triggers a ※Green Revolution§ across the globe.

A bullet train
leads Hunan*s intelligent manufacturing to a fast track,
from a ※Chaser§ to a ※Leader§. 

Tianhe-2 supercomputer,
gathering China*s scientific and technological strength,
demonstrates national spirit and great country style.

Sany Heavy Industry,
Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology,
China Railway Construction Heavy Industry,
and Sunward Intelligent Equipment
make Changsha
a ※Capital of Construction Machinery§ in China.

The Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone
becomes a golden land.
Yuelu Mountain National University Science and Technology Town
soars with youthful dreams.

Malanshan Cultural and Creative Industrial Park,
Hunan*s broadcasting and TV industry, and,
the Internet Yuelu Summit,
lead the tide of the times.

Open Hunan Embracing the World

The Belitung shipwreck,
a witness to
the history of the maritime Silk Road, and
a ※made in China§ mark of
the Changsha Kiln of the Tang Dynasty
(618 AD - 907 AD).

The ancient Tea-Horse Road,
led Hunan products to the world.

Yueyang Chenglingji Port,
Hunan-Europe Railway Express, and
Changsha Huanghua International Airport,
connect Hunan with the world.

Hunan is open
to greet friends from all over the world.

Hibiscus-shaped Meixi Lake International Culture and Arts Center,
a cultural node of Changsha 每
a City of Media Arts.

The ※Chinese Bridge§ event
links a global ※circle of friends§.
The China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo,
permanently in Hunan,
welcomes global guests.
Hunan makes the future.

Welcome to Splendid Hunan!

Chinese source: Hunan Provincial People*s Government Information Office

Photo source: Hunan Provincial People*s Government Information Office