Recommended Travel Routes

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Yueyang Tower

Junshan Island

City Tour around Rivers and Lakes

It includes such scenic spots as the Yueyang Tower, the Dongting Lake, the mouth of the three rivers of Xiangjiang, Yuanjiang, and Jinjiang in Chenglingji, Junshan Island, Sheng¡¯an Temple, and Nanhu (South) Lake. The lakes and mountains present an invincible scene of Baling (ancient name of Yueyang).

East Dongting Lake Nature Reserve

Mufu Mountain

Ecological Leisure Tour

It consists of such tourist attractions as Junshan Island, Tuanhu Lake, East Dongting Lake Nature Reserve, and Mufu Mountain. Visitors may enjoy the migratory birds gathering, the P¨¨re David's deer chasing, and the porpoises playing; taking boat to pick lotus; watching the waterfall and the sea of clouds; and breathing the negative ions and embracing the nature.

Zhangguying Village

Golden Private Tour

Individual tourists are recommended to climb the Yueyang Tower, listen to the sound of the Dongting Lake waves, explore the ancient tomb of Qu Yuan, and visit the ancient Zhangguying Village.

Zuo Zongtang Scenic Spot

Xiang & Chu Cultural Tour

This route conveys four kinds of spirits: the first to worry about the nation¡¯s woes and the last to share in its prosperity; pursuing the truth; camel spirit of hardworking, striving to move forward, self-sacrifice, and selfless dedication; and, the Pingjiang Uprising revolutionary spirit. Visitors may get to know the historical figures including Qu Yuan, Fan Zhongyan, Zuo Zongtang, Guo Songtao, and Ren Bishi, and learn from them the great patriotism and understand the essence of Yueyang¡¯s long history and culture.

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