First Session of Ninth Yueyang Municipal People's Congress Opens

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On the morning of December 30, the first session of the Ninth Yueyang Municipal People's Congress was grandly opened in Yueyang Culture and Art Exhibition Center.

There should be 451 representatives at this meeting, and there were 441 deputies present. The number of attendants constitutes the quorum.

Executive chairpersons of the conference seated in the front row of the rostrum were: Wang Yi¡¯ou (listed by the strokes of the names), Ma Na, Tian Wenjing, Xiang Weixiong, Liu Xiaoying, Li Yongfeng, Li Zhi, Li Aiwu, Wang Tao, Zhang Zhongyu, Lin Zhangliang, Zhao Yueping, Huang Jianwen, Huang Junjun, Yu Wen, and Xie Qun.

At 9 o'clock, Wang Yi¡¯ou, executive chairman of the presidium, announced the opening of the conference. And all attendees sang the national anthem together.

Mayor Li Aiwu delivered a government work report on behalf of the Yueyang Municipal People's Government. The report was divided into four parts:
-- Build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and embark on a new journey toward building China into a modern socialist country;
-- Set out on a new journey towards constructing ¡°three zones and one center¡± ¨C a Yangtze River Economic Belt Green Development Demonstration Zone; an advanced manufacturing cluster zone in central China; a pioneering zone of opening up in Hunan; and, a modernized provincial sub-center city;
-- Break new ground in promoting high-quality development; and,
-- Champion the great founding spirit of the Party and represent another step forward government self-building.

Translator: Xiao Juan
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