Provincial Leader Huang Lanxiang Inspects Yueyang

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On August 31, Huang Lanxiang, CPC Hunan Provincial Standing Committee member and CPC Hunan Provincial Committee United Front Work Department director, paid a visit to Chenglingji New Port Area to carry out a special inspection on ¡°adhering to reform and opening-up, building Hunan into a hub of opening-up in inland regions¡±. Li Aiwu, CPC Yueyang Provincial Committee deputy secretary and mayor, municipal leaders Hu Jianxin, Chen Gehui, and Liu Xiaoying, and heads of related departments participated.

At Chenglingji New Port Area, Huang Lanxiang carried out inspections in enterprises. Later on, Huang chaired a symposium and listened to reports on the work of Yueyang City. At the meeting, Li Aiwu introduced development status and challenges of Yueyang's open economy and private economy, and conducted in-depth exchanges with members of the inspection team on specific issues. Heads of participating departments and enterprises shared views and put forward suggestions on how to build a high-level open economy system and give full play to the important role of the private economy in building Hunan into a hub of reform and opening-up in the inland regions.

Huang Lanxiang pointed out that the twelfth Hunan Provincial Party Congress will be held in November this year. This is a major event in the province¡¯s political life. Drafting Party congress report and drawing a blueprint for development in the next five years are important tasks for the meeting. The CPC Hunan Provincial Committee attaches great importance to the drafting of the Party congress report and has decided to conduct in-depth preliminary research before report drafting. The visit to Chenglingji New Port Area was the first place to conduct the special inspection.

Li Aiwu said that Yueyang will set the goal of building Hunan into a hub of reform and opening-up in inland regions, focus on the development of open economy and private economy, and strive to be a pacesetter and make more contributions in the implementation of the Three Highlands and Four New Missions Strategy.

Translator: Xiao Juan

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