Online Meeting Held Between Hunan¡¯s Dongting Lake Museum and Japan¡¯s Lake Biwa Museum

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Dongting Lake Museum and Lake Biwa Museum hold an online meeting. (Photo/Liu Miaomiao)

The Hunan Department of Publicity, the Hunan People¡¯s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and the Dongting Lake Museum held an online meeting with Japan¡¯s Shiga Prefectural Government Planning Department and the Lake Biwa Museum on July 15, 2021. The meeting laid a good foundation for knotting a friendly tie between the two museums.

Hu Daisong, deputy director of the Hunan Department of Publicity, attended. Guo Xiangli, vice chairperson of the Hunan People¡¯s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, presided over the meeting.

Before the meeting, Japanese staff displayed the Lake Biwa Museum online. The attendees respectively introduced the two museums, and exchanged views on the concerns of both sides.

Hu mentioned that, the friendship between Hunan and Shiga was originally inspired by the two lakes, and has been maintained for nearly four decades. The Dongting Lake Museum showcased five calling cards of the lake ¨C caring for the world, profound culture, revolutionary tradition, an abundant place, and ecological progress ¨C to China and the world. It will learn from Lake Biwa Museum¡¯s experiences and strive to build itself into a museum on lake civilization with southern Chinese characteristics. It will integrate five functions of protection and inheritance, scientific research and education, cultural transmission, public service, and cultural tourism.

Guo stated that, this meeting enhanced mutual understanding between the two museums, and looked forward to a new prospect of cooperation. The Office of Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan People¡¯s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries will continue to support the exchanges and cooperation between the two museums.

Keiichi Takahashi, director general of the Lake Biwa Museum, said that the meeting is significant. He expected to further promote inter-museum exchange and mutual learning.

Translator: Pang Yuehui

Chinese source: hunantoday