Yueyang Brimming with Festive Atmosphere as Spring Festival Nears

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The two photos above show flower beds on Yueyang Avenue.

Trees along the road are decorated with red lanterns.

As the Spring Festival approaches, Yueyang is brimmed with strong festive atmosphere and the joy of festival. Eye-catching red lanterns and Chinese knots decorated the streets and colorful lights lit up the city.

The 2021 Spring Festival decoration project in the main urban area of Yueyang has been completed. It was led by the Yueyang Municipal Urban Management Bureau and implemented by the Yueyang Municipal Street Light Management Office and the Yueyang Municipal Nursery Stock and Flower Management Center.

The decoration project has two parts¡ªflower beds formation and nightscape illumination. With Chinese red as the main color, it highlights four elements of traditions, culture, era, and region. Eleven large featured landscapes and 376 models of Chinese character ¡°¸£¡± have been installed, and 14,500 lanterns are hung on Nanhu Square, Yueyang Railway East Station Square, East Gate Square of Jin¡¯e Park, Baling Square, Yueyang Avenue, Dongting Avenue, Hubin Avenue, Xiangbei Avenue, Changkang Road and other major roads. This has created a strong festive atmosphere, providing the public with a beautiful view in the daytime and a lighting show in the nighttime.

During the Spring Festival, the Yueyang Municipal Urban Management Bureau will arrange special personnel to inspect and maintain the decoration project, to guarantee a happy and peaceful Spring Festival for citizens.

Translator: Xiao Juan
Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn