Yueyang Downtown Traffic Comprehensive Improvement Promotion Conference Kicks off

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The Yueyang downtown traffic comprehensive improvement promotion conference was held on August 31, 2020. Wang Yiou, CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee secretary, asked to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping¡¯s important speeches and instructions on urban construction and governance; adhere to the people-centered development philosophy; and, highlight the governance principles of ¡°all-people participation, planning as the guide, comprehensive policy implementation, and taking ¡®far and near¡¯ elements into consideration¡±. We should intensify tackling tough measures with united efforts; fight a people¡¯s war on traffic rectification; effectively solve the outstanding problems of traffic congestion; and, provide a good traffic environment for the building of a new growth pole for Hunan¡¯s development, a national and regional central city, and a metropolis, he added. Li Aiwu, CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee deputy secretary and Yueyang mayor, presided over the meeting. Municipal leaders Tan Zhenghong, Tang Wenfa, and Yang Kun attended.

In the past two months, Yueyang has strengthened the comprehensive traffic improvement in the main urban area; issued a comprehensive traffic improvement plan in the main urban area; implemented the "Nine-to-Five" staggered trip; and, carried out the ¡°I offer suggestions for and contribute to Yueyang congestion control¡± activities. It also practised ¡°one point, one policy¡± in key areas, and the traffic congestion situation is undergoing positive changes.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn