Provincial Leader Wu Lan Inspects Fishing Ban Implementation in Xiangyin County

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On July 29, Wu Lan, CPC Hunan Provincial Committee deputy secretary, came to Xiangyin County to inspect fishing ban work. She asked to practise President Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization; enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency; implement policies and coordinate fishing ban work; and, achieve ecological development, production, and people¡¯s life. Wang Yiou, CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee secretary, attended.

Deputy Secretary Wu spoke highly of Xiangyin County¡¯s achievements on fishing ban implementation. She emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to precise identification, fine management, classification and implementation of policies, fully understand the basics, and standardize operating procedures, to lay a solid foundation for a comprehensive fishing ban in the key Yangtze River basin in Hunan. We must consolidate our territorial responsibilities, learn to practise tailored measures with specified conditions; and grasp the fishing ban while preventing floods. It is necessary to coordinate various departments, and work together to do a good job in fishermen's conversion and resettlement, industry support, employment assistance, and difficulties relief. We must be prepared for a protracted battle, strengthen education and guidance, build a broad consensus, focus on the long-term improvement of long-term mechanisms, and jointly protect aquatic biological resources, protect the ecological environment, and benefit future generations, she added.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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