Various Celebrations Held During National Day Holiday in Yueyang

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Flash mob shows and themed symphony concerts held in Yueyanglou District attract numerous audiences.

Kids have fun on the glass bridge at the Shiniu Village, Pingjiang County.

Some tourists from Hunan, Jiangxi, and Hubei provinces enjoy themselves at the chrysanthemum garden in Linxiang County.

During the past 7-day National Day holiday, G240 Highway Yueyang section greeted a travel peak because of the ˇ°beautiful countrysideˇ± sceneries seen along the highway. A group of new hot spots emerged, such as Yueyang Tower Scenic Area, Longshan Flower World, motorhome campsite, Huang Xiu Farming Cultural Park, Miluo Xichang Flower World, Yangsha Lake Flower Farm, and Linxiang Chrysanthemum Garden.

Data shows that, during the seven-day holiday, Yueyang received more than six million trips, increasing by 1.6% over last year. The gross tourism revenue reached 3.34 billion CNY, up 7.71% year on year.

Various activities were held at the scenic spots. Between Oct.1 and 3, flash mob shows, patriotism themed symphony concert, and watching the National Day parade attracted more than 26,000 visitors. Ten folk custom events were held in Zhang Guying Scenic Area, enabling Chinese and foreign tourists to have fun while experiencing local customs. The Pingjiang Scenic Area was bustling with intangible cultural heritage events, folk songs, shadow puppetry, and bamboo dragon shows. 

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Translator: Pang Yuehui