Mayor Li Inspects Miluo Circular Economy Industrial Park

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Li Aiwu, Yueyang mayor, inspected the Miluo Circular Economy Industrial Park on September 3, 2019. She emphasized that it is necessary to highlight industrial chain investment; increase investment in innovation and research and development; accelerate the integration pace with Changsha; strengthen environmental protection awareness; take the lead in replacement of the old drivers of growth; and, demonstrate in industrial chain construction, to strive to become the backbone of Yueyang industrial economy. Liu Xiaoying, CPPCC Yueyang Municipal Committee vice chairman and Yueyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission director, and Liu Chuanhan, Yueyang Municipal People¡¯s Government secretary general, attended.

The ¡°Year of Industrial Projects Construction¡± and the ¡°Year of Private Economy Development¡± activities have taken place in the Miluo Circular Economy Industrial Park since the beginning of this year. Various tasks have been steadily advanced. By the end of August, the park had signed 16 projects with a total investment of 3.42 billion CNY. Between January and August, it was estimated the revenue from technology, industry and trade will be 44.5 billion CNY and the tax revenue 436 million CNY.

Mayor Li spoke highly of the achievements of the park¡¯s construction and development, after a field inspection tour and listening to the report. She pointed out that the industrial economy of Miluo City plays an important role and carries a great mission. The park should focus on the three leading industries of non-ferrous metal and new materials deep processing, polymer materials, and intelligent electronic information to attract investment. It should introduce a group of technology and talent-intensive and high value-added enterprises to form a complete industrial chain. It is necessary to encourage and support enterprises to increase investment in innovation, research and development, further adjust the industrial structure, and continuously increase the added value of products.

Efforts should be made to strengthen assimilating into, learning from, and integrating with Changsha, to promote the park¡¯s self-development. The project and industrial chain construction are important platforms for discovering and cultivating leaders. We should further enhance the awareness of environmental protection, maintain determination, firmly establish the environmental protection standard, strictly adhere to the bottom line, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, to contribute more to the high-quality development of Yueyang¡¯s industrial economy, she added.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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