Mayor Li Extends Festive Greetings to Women

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On March 7, Li Aiwu, CPC Yueyang Municipal People¡¯s Government deputy secretary and Yueyang mayor, paid a visit to women representatives from frontline production. Later on, Mayor Li held talks with women representatives from all walks of life and extended festive greetings to them ahead of the International Women¡¯s Day. Secretary-general Liu Chuanhan accompanied her on the tour.

Mayor Li highlighted the cause of women is an important part of the cause of the CPC and the people. The CPC committees and governments at all levels should strengthen their leadership over the work of women¡¯s federations, help solve the difficulties and problems in women¡¯s work, and create a strong atmosphere of respecting women, caring for the cause of women, and supporting women's development in the whole society.

¡°The women¡¯s federations at all levels, in turn, should give priority to women¡¯s development, safeguard women and children¡¯s interests and rights, and strive to build themselves into a warm house for women,¡± Li added.  

Translator: Xiao Juan
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