In Pics: When Snowfall Swept Across the City

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Yueyang cadres serve for passengers. (Photo/Fang Jiangqiu)

A power supply company worker check the electricity line and remove the ice in mountainous area. (Photo/Li Ting)

Snow on the country road has been cleaned up. (Photo/Li Yixuan)

The Yueyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital emergency department doctors rescue citizens injured in the snow. (Photo/Wang Jinhe)

The Yueyang urban management authority organize staff to shovel the snow on the road. (Photo/Xie Ling)

A heavy snowfall swept across Yueyang City on December 29 and 30, 2018, with an average accumulated snow depth of 16 cm. This is the second largest snowfall in the city in 20 years. The thickness of ice on the road reached 12 cm.

The CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee and the People¡¯s Government of Yueyang City responded quickly to the weather change. Immediate measures to cope with the freezing- rain and snow weather have been taken. The CPC members and cadres have well fulfilled their responsibilities to handle the snowy weather.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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