Greenhouse Vegetables Cultivated via New Technologies

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The photo shows the vegetable cultivated via hydroponic technology. (Photo taken by Wang Xinli from Yueyang Daily)

Soil is not needed in vegetable production by hydroponic technology. There are no heavy metal pollution, pesticide residues, and other hazards. The quality of vegetables can be ensured. Wang Anhua, a technician sent by the Yueyang Government, also chief agronomist of the Junshan Vegetable Science and Technology Park, said, "The planting of this kind of vegetable does not need the soil, therefore soil-borne diseases can be avoided. It is full of nutrition. The yield is 40% higher than the traditionally cultivated vegetable.”±

"Greenhouse vegetables planted based on hydroponic technology”± are seen in Junshan Vegetable Science and Technology Park. Not long ago, the hydroponic vegetables and potted vegetables cultivated by the park attracted much attention and received many orders at the China International Food and Catering Expo.

Translator: Liu Pingbo