Hu Zhongxiong Presides over Symposium on Yueyang¡¯s Petrochemical Industry Development

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CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee Secretary Hu Zhongxiong presided over a symposium on Yueyang's petrochemical industry development on Dec. 14. He stressed that the irreplaceable position of the petrochemical industry in the city's economic development should be further recognized, so as to identify orientation and set development goals in the new round of industrial transformation and upgrading. Utmost efforts should be exerted to strengthen industrial clusters and extend the industrial chain.

Secretary-General of the CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee Tan Zhenghong, Vice Mayor of Yueyang City Yang Kun, General Manager of SINOPEC Baling Company Li Dawei and General Manager of SINOPEC Changling Refinery Company Wang Miaoyun attended.

Translator: Chen Yu
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