Chenglingji International Motown Project Inaugurated

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Mayor of Yueyang City Liu Hesheng attended the ground-breaking ceremony of Chenglingji International Motown project and delivered a speech on Oct. 10. The project will be undertaken by Hunan Construction Engineering Group.

Nestled along Bajiao lakeside, the Motown covers a total area of 1,925 mu (appropriately 128.3 hectares) with an investment of 5 billion yuan. As a key shipping logistics project in Hunan Province, it is engaged in such fields as car brand 4S stores, parallel imported vehicle exhibition hall, used automobiles market, auto parts market, new energy market, automobile service and warehousing logistics, e-commerce, and, vehicle inspection stations. The Motown positions itself as a fully functional and well-equipped large-scale one-stop professional car market. Upon completion, the Motown is expected to achieve an annual sales income of 5 billion yuan and an annual profit of 500 million yuan. The tax revenue is estimated to hit 1 billion yuan. 10,000 job vacancies will be offered.

On behalf of the CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee and the People¡¯s Government of Yueyang City, Liu Hesheng congratulated on the launch of the project. He said, the project is bound to expand Chenglingji port¡¯s advantage in importing fully built-up vehicles and improve Yueyang¡¯s automobile trade logistics services. Meanwhile, it will also provide support and inject new impetus for the opening-up of the city.

Translator: Chen Yu
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