Chinese People Expect Further Enhancement of Government Transparency

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According to a recent survey conducted by China Youth Daily, 90.6 percent of the 2,009 people surveyed expect the government to take the initiative to disclose information.

Zhang Zhihong, associate professor of Zhou Enlai School of Government at Nankai University, observed that openness of information is necessary to fight corruption within the government, and information should be released truthfully and in a timely fashion.

"With the increasing highlighting of information disclosure, the quality of information openness and governance will improve dramatically," Zhang added.

The public expectation is based on a focus on government information releases, as the survey also showed that 81.8 percent of the respondents said they pay attention to that information.

Over 60 percent of interviewees were concerned about policy explanation, while another 45.5 percent said they read public consultations for policies.

"I usually keep an eye on information concerning policies and regulations, especially public consultations in decision-making and policy explanation after implementation," said Li Han, college lecturer in Beijing.

However, the disclosure of government information also raises concerns. Up to 45 percent of the interviewees said they had to wait too long before receiving information. A total of 61.4 percent hoped the government will improve its efficiency in making information public.

A set of regulations on the disclosure of government information, put into effect in 2008, was revised last month and the time period for public opinion closed on July 6.

The draft of the revised regulations includes a principle which requires information publicity to be the normal practice.