QR Code-scan by Guests to Assure Hotel Laundry Quality in Wuhan

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Some hotel guests in Wuhan, Hubei Province, may soon be able to check if the bedding and towels have been washed properly by simply scanning a QR code after a new laundry service becomes operational in the city¡¯s Xinzhou District.

All linen handled by a company in the first green washing base in Xinzhou will be embedded with a thin chip that is high-temperature resistant, so a hotel can easily monitor its supplies.

Hotel guests can scan a QR code to learn about the laundry information.

The new company is able to wash one kilogram of linen products using seven liters of water. One employee will be able to wash 1.6 tons of linen in eight hours, which is much more efficient and environmentally friendly than other conventional laundry services.

In addition to using non-phosphorus detergent, the company will also have wastewater treatment equipment to minimize water pollution. The water used for cleaning will be recycled tap water that has been purified, which is said to make the washed materials softer and more skin-friendly.

According to the Development and Reform Commission in Wuhan, the city has 3,432 hotels, most of which rely on a third-party laundry service, with approximately 1,000 ton of laundry handled daily.

Last year the city closed 79 of its 110 laundry companies to better cope with stricter environmental protection, a move that also decreased the daily laundry capacity to 300 tons.

Source: Ecns.cn