Yueyang to Attend "Summer Chinese Culture Festivalí▒ in Russia

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Yueyang will send a delegation to attend "Summer Chinese Cultural Festival" in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 29, as recommended by the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture. This is the only Hunan delegation to participate in the event this year.

During the visit, six traditional national culture and art performances will be staged by more than 20 performers inheriting and studying Baling Opera, including Baling opera of "Guifei Zui Jiu (the drunken beauty)" "Fan Lihua" and "San Cha Kou (divergence)", instrumental performance of "music combination", flower drum opera of "Xiao Kanqiao (firewood cutting)", as well as women group dance of "Yao Village".

Yueyang's tourism resources will be promoted at the "Tourism Promotion Fair for Charming Cities" by officials from the Tourism and Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yueyang City, and the Yueyang Tower Scenic Area Administration Committee.

Besides, the dragon boat team from Miluo City will attend the "St. Petersburg Golden Boat Neva Dragon Boat Race".

The event aims to present the Russian people with Yueyang's excellent local culture and dragon boat culture. Meanwhile, it is expected to spread the city's culture and tourism to the world through tourism promotion and cultural exchanges.

Translator: Chen Yu
Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn