Yueyang Strives to Build High-quality Agricultural Products Base

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On December 21, the Yueyang Municipal People¡¯s Government and the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement. The Yueyang Branch of the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences was unveiled simultaneously. Since the beginning of this year, Yueyang City has made all-out efforts to build an entire industry chain focusing on seven advantageous industries, including grain, oil plants, vegetables, aquatic products, livestock and poultry, tea, and bamboo. These efforts help consolidate production base, upgrade processing, keep marketing channel smooth, and build a high-quality agricultural products base in Dongting Lake area. As of now, there are 35 leading agricultural enterprises in Hunan Province. Seven are located in Yueyang, making the city rank first in the province.

Yueyang, relying on resource advantage, has built a batch of regionalized, professionalized, and specialized planting and breeding bases. The city implements an action to boost agriculture through industrial integration, and upholds the principle of "grain planting to the forefront and produce to follow (This means that grain planting should be the source, and produce should be found on the dining table, which requires us to properly deal with the relationship between planting and marketing)". Efforts have been made to build modern agricultural demonstration parks in line with local conditions, promote deep processing of agricultural products, have agricultural products locally processed to increase their market value, and foster distinctive agricultural products. Yueyang is home to 100 county-level industrial parks, 50 city-level featured industrial parks, 8 provincial featured industrial parks, and 2 provincial featured industrial clusters.

Yueyang actively seeks financial support of 90 million yuan from the central and provincial governments to boost rural industries. The city has cultivated industrialized consortia of agriculture, and impelled leading enterprises to extend the industrial chain, increase the value chain, and improve the supply chain. At present, there are 3,791 agricultural product processing enterprises in the city, including 6 at the national level, 84 at provincial level, and 233 at city level. This year, 70 provincial consortia and 20 provincial demonstration consortia were recognized.

Yueyang is implementing the strategy of ¡°Boosting Agriculture Through Brand Building¡± and focusing on cultivating regional brands such as Yueyang Yellow Tea, Pingjiang dried beancurd with soy sauce, and Xiangyin Zhangshugang chili, as well as corporate agroproduct brands such as ¡°Tao Dao Quan¡±, ¡°Cheer Come¡±, and ¡°Thirteen Villages¡±. A "regional brand + corporate product brand" model has been established to promote Yueyang local agricultural brands. Yueyang has actively applied for the province's top ten agricultural product regional brands and the top 100 national agricultural product regional brands. A total 334 products obtained certificates of healthy food, organic produce and source of production. Taking the construction of the Yueyang Area of ​​Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone as an opportunity, Yueyang has actively organized agricultural enterprises to participate in various exhibitions, and continued to expand the popularity and influence of local agricultural products.

Translator: Xiao Juan

Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn