Two Major Industrial Projects Start Construction in Huarong County

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Two major industrial projects simultaneously started construction in Huarong County on the morning of December 26, 2021. They were the newly-established China Energy Investment Corporation (China Energy) Hunan Branch Yueyang Power Plant 2¡Á1000MW project and the rail-water combined coal transportation, storage, and distribution base wharf project. This will speed up the construction pace of the 100-mile green economic development corridor along the Yangtze River and the comprehensive energy base in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River.

Wang Yi¡¯ou, secretary of the CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee, announced the start of projects construction. Municipal leaders Xie Sheng, Li Meiyun, Liu Xiaoying, and Liu Tiejian; Liu Dingjun, chairman of the board of the China Energy Hunan Branch; Li Yaohe, secretary of the CPC Committee and chairman of the board of the China Energy Yueyang Power Plant; and, Zhao Hongqi, a member of the CPC Committee of the Shaanxi Yulin Energy Group Co., Ltd., deputy general manager and chairman of the board of the Hunan Huazhong Rail-Water Combined Transport Energy Base Co., Ltd., attended.

The new power plant project is located in Guanshan Village, Dongshan Town, Huarong County. It is a key project included into the strategic cooperation agreement signed between the China Energy and the People¡¯s Government of Hunan Province and of the China Energy to develop the ¡°One South and One North¡± strategic layout in Hunan Province. Upon completion and operation, it will effectively alleviate the contradiction between power supply and demand in Hunan Province, help the province to build itself an important national advanced manufacturing highland, and enhance the economic development strength of Huarong County.

The base wharf project, also situated in Dongshan Town, mainly uses the Haolebaoji-Ji'an Railway and the Yangtze River Golden Waterway to form a combined rail-water transportation network to realize the coal transportation from north to south China. Upon completion, it will greatly facilitate the coal demand of the newly-built Yueyang Power Plant, and change the status quo of no strategic coal reserve bases in Hunan Province. It will also greatly reduce the coal logistics cost and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase for enterprises.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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