Hunan Launches China’s First Government Procurement E-Market for Rural Revitalization

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The Hunan Rural Revitalization Electronic Market based on government procurement began operation on December 21, 2021. It is China’s first of its kind supported by provincial government procurement, and co-constructed by the Hunan Department of Finance, Hunan Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Hunan Bureau of Rural Revitalization, and Hunan Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives.

Searching for “湖南省政府采购电子卖场乡村振兴馆” on a web browser can lead to the market online. Hunan products are categorized into rice, edible oil, fruits, dishes, and mushrooms. Customers may click to purchase Hunan’s agricultural and sideline specialties, such as Mayang sweet oranges, Pingjiang smoked bean curd, and Yao rice. 

“It is a public welfare and reciprocal market. Sellers would not be charged for using this platform, or transaction service. The agricultural and sideline products of the enterprises which are included in the National Poverty Relief Product Catalogue, and of the villages which are pair-up assisted by government budget departments, would be shortlisted for the supports of government budgets and procurement,” said Liu Xiangling, secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Hunan Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. “Thanks to the preferential policies, sales of poverty-stricken areas and procurement of government are guaranteed,” Liu added.

In the following three to five years, the electronic market will help match procurement of government budget departments with agricultural product supply of the regions that have shaken off poverty, said Lin Deyong, deputy director of the Hunan Depart of Finance. This will facilitate strengthening featured rural industries, exploring and forming an agricultural product production and marketing model which suits for different regional characteristics, organization patterns, and development phases of these regions, and thus promote rural revitalization.

As of December 20, registered suppliers are from 101 counties in all of the 13 cities and one prefecture around the province. A total of 1,112 sellers promoted 10,703 products on this platform. The number of procurement department members reached 38,702. The trading volume amounted to 107.39 million yuan.