Mayor Li Visits Yangtze River Water Resources Commission, Yangtze River Administration of Navigation Affairs

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On September 10, Li Aiwu, deputy secretary of the CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee and also Yueyang mayor, led a delegation to the Yangtze River Water Resources Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources, and the Yangtze River Administration of Navigation Affairs of the Ministry of Transport, to talk about collaboration and support for related projects. 

Sun Zhicheng, secretary general of the Yueyang Municipal People¡¯s Government, and persons in charge of related departments, attended the symposium.

Mayor Li reported Yueyang¡¯s water resources work at the Yangtze River Water Resources Commission, and expressed gratitude to the commission for its concerns and supports. She noted that, Yueyang is thoroughly implementing the Three Highlands and Four New Missions Strategy, and accelerating the construction of the ¡°three zones and one center¡±. Water resource guarantee is of considerable significance. She hoped that the commission will give more supports for the aspects including Yangtze River channel improvement and river regime control; Yangtze River Hunan section dike improvement and construction; comprehensive management of Dongting Lake¡¯s four outlets from Yangtze River; important dikes and embankments construction; water resource allocation project in central Yueyang; Bajiao Lake and Nanhu Lake interconnection project; riverside ecological corridor construction; Yueyang Tower-Junshan Island cultural and tourism water entertainment project; and, Yangtze River waterway Hunan section dredging and sand utilization.

Jin Xingping, deputy director of the Yangtze River Water Resources Commission, spoke highly of Yueyang¡¯s endeavor and achievements in building Yangtze River Economic Belt Green Development Demonstration Area, and beautiful Dongting Lake area. He vowed to continue to provide technical and administrative supports to Yueyang, help solve difficulties in flood prevention and disaster relief, water resource, water ecology, and waterway dredging and sand utilization, to promote high-quality development of the city. 

Translator: Pang Yuehui
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