Hunan Yueyang Tower-Dongting Lake Cultural Tourism Resort Unveiled

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On September 9, the Hunan Yueyang Tower-Dongting Lake Cultural Tourism Resort was unveiled at Nanhu New District, Yueyang City. A total of 16 key cultural tourism projects worth 13.9 billion yuan were singed.

On May 7, 2021, the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism approved to rename Hunan Yueyang Dongting Lake Tourist Resort into Hunan Yueyang Tower-Dongting Lake Cultural Tourism Resort. The resort covers an area of 458 sq km, including ˇ°four districts and one countyˇ± of Yueyanglou District, Junshan District, Chenglingji New Port Area, Nanhu New District, and Yueyang County.

The resort, as the first provincial one in Hunan Province, is home to a number of key projects, such as three tourism transport circles around Nanhu Lake, Longshan tourist service center, and Longshan botanical garden. Scenic spots including Fangshangshu Square, Plum-admiring Pavilion, and Nanjin Ancient Ferry Pier Cultural Square were built. Cultural tourism projects were operated, including Yueke RV Camp, Nanhu Zhongzhou Aviation Camp, Nature Planet Camp Hotel, Yellow Tea Culture Museum, and Mingxiang Academy. Featured cultural tourism activities were held, including China Cup International Orienteering Challenge, Dongting Lake Wetland Music Festival, National Yellow Tea Competition, and Yueyang Food Gourmet Festival. These helped build the ˇ°Dongting Lake and Nanhu Lakeˇ± eco-tourism brand.

At the unveiling ceremony, consultant appointment letters were granted to nine experts including Han Shaogong, Ye Wenzhi, Liu Feng, Lin Feng, Zheng Wei, Liu Chuanyu, Zheng Liguo, Yuan Jian, and Xu Feixiong.

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