37 Major Projects Signed, Started, Completed in Linxiang City

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Wang Yi¡¯ou, secretary of the CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee, witnessed the signing of a batch of major industrial projects on September 8, 2021. He then announced that the 2021 second batch of 14 major industrial projects in Linxiang City started construction, and 11 major industrial projects were completed and put into production.

Thirty-seven projects were signed, started or completed construction this time, involving such emerging industries as port and shipping logistics, new materials, electronic information, and green building materials. The total investment amounted to 16.75 billion yuan. It was estimated that upon completion and production, the annual newly-added tax revenue will be nearly 1.1 billion yuan. Most of the contracted industrial projects were located in the Linxiang High-tech Industrial Park in Binjiang New Area, which will inject new momentum into the development of the Yueyang Yangtze River Green Economic Corridor.

Linxiang City has 38.5 kilometers of the Yangtze River golden shoreline. In recent years, the municipal government has kept in mind President Xi Jinping¡¯s trust on ¡°protecting the Yangtze River¡± and promoted the overall relocation and withdrawal of the chemical industry within one kilometer along the river, creating a main hub of the Yueyang City¡¯s Yangtze River Green Economic Development Corridor. The first phase of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Industrial Park, with an investment of 600 million yuan, has been completed and put into operation. The provincial approval process for the expansion and upgrading of the Yangtze River Yalan Wharf, with an investment of 520 million yuan, is nearing completion. It was estimated that three 3,000-ton vertical berths will be built in 2023, which will be deeply integrated into the ¡°Hunan-Shanghai-Africa¡± river-sea intermodal logistics system, and are expected to become the new industrial development engine of Linxiang City.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn