Vice Mayor Chen Calls for Accelerating Project Construction to Promote Cultural Tourism Industry High-quality Development

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On July 13, Vice Mayor Chen Gehui led the heads of relevant municipal government departments to inspect key cultural tourism projects construction in Yueyang City.

They inspected the Yueyang Tower A-level scenic spot project review and the progress of the Junshan Island scenic spot project construction. They learned about the project construction progress and the existing difficulties and problems through observing the drawings, listening to the plans, and inquiring about project progress.

At the work scheduling meeting, Vice Mayor Chen listened to reports on the project review of the Yueyang Tower A-level scenic spot and the construction of the Junshan Park scenic spot improvement project. He spoke highly of the work done and pointed out future tasks. He said, ˇ°We should base ourselves on our own advantages; seize development opportunities; and effectively protect the scenic spots according to law, scientifically plan them, and coordinate industries from the perspective of cultural inheritance and sustainable use, to promote the deep integration of culture and tourism. We must lead the rapid development of the cultural tourism industry with project construction. It is necessary to fully understand the leading role of these projects in strengthening Yueyang's cultural tourism industry and improving the reputation of the city. We should overcome all difficulties, accelerate the construction and transformation tasks, and strive to create a number of high-quality projects. This will provide support for the high-quality development of Yueyang's cultural and tourism industry.ˇ±

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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