Central Environmental Protection Inspection Team Inspects Yueyang

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On the afternoon of April 13, a central environmental protection inspection team led by Xu Jingye visited Yueyang to inspect ecological environment protection. Zhang Guoliang, inspection team member, Chen Wenhao, vice governor of Hunan Province, Deng Lijia, director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, Wang Yi¡¯ou, secretary of the CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee, Li Aiwu, deputy secretary of CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee and mayor of Yueyang City, municipal leaders Tan Zhenghong and Li Zuofeng accompanied the team members on the tour.

Chenglingji Old Port demolished four old berths and upgraded two berths. It was built into the largest fully enclosed bulk warehouse in Asia, with an additional green area of 71,000 square meters. Xu Jingye carefully watched the before and after photos of ports and wharfs along the Yangtze River coastline, and spoke highly of Yueyang¡¯s efforts in renovation. He hoped that Yueyang will unswervingly follow the path of prioritizing ecological environment and green development, and make more achievements in stepping up conservation of the Yangtze River and stopping its over development.

Walking into an old patrol monitoring point in the East Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve, Xu Jingye watched a promotion video of ecological restoration and asked about the species of migratory birds, the number of finless porpoises, and the source of elk. Xu urged the nature reserve to promote the coordinated management of mountains, forests, fields, lakes and grasses to achieve the benign development of the Dongting Lake ecosystem.

Translator: Xiao Juan

Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn