Vice Governor Xie Inspects 14th Hunan Provincial Games Venues Construction in Yueyang

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On April 7, Hunan Vice Governor Xie Weijiang inspected the preparations for the 14th Hunan Provincial Games in Yueyang City.

Vice Governor Xie and his entourage went to the Yueyang Sports Center and Yueyang Sports School to inspect the main stadium of the games, the shooting hall and underground parking lot on Xiangbei Avenue, and the construction progress of the weightlifting, wrestling, and judo complex projects. He had a detailed understanding of project progress, quality and safety, and functional positioning, and urged the person in charge of the project to not only ensure the progress, but also pay attention to quality, to make sure that the venues are built and used with high standards.

The 14th Hunan Provincial Games will be held in Yueyang City in 2022. At present, the main stadium and supporting projects have basically completed the pile foundation construction. The comprehensive management center has completed the topping of the main structure; other newly-built supporting stadiums have passed the project approval; and, the stadiums to be reconstructed and expanded have finished the plan design and will start construction soon. All the venues will be delivered before March 2022.

Xie emphasized that the games is a major provincial sports event held under the background of Hunan province entering a new stage of development, starting a new journey of comprehensive socialist modernization, and implementing the Three Highlands and Four New Missions Strategy. It is an important measure to build a healthy Hunan and promote the high-quality development of sports in our province. Departments at all levels must attach great importance to, meticulously prepare for, strengthen scheduling, and solve the problem of lagging behind the construction of provincial sports venues. Yueyang government should perform the main responsibility of the preparatory work, further accelerate the venues construction, and do well in the preparation of various events according to the dates, so as to ensure that the games is held at a high level on schedule, he added.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

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