Vice Mayor Li Inspects Dongting Lake Electric Tour Bus Route Planning

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On March 30, Yueyang Vice Mayor Li Zuofeng made a field survey to inspect the planning and design of the electric tour bus route along the Dongting Lake in the urban area. He asked to speed up route planning and design in accordance with the idea of overall planning and step-by-step implementation, and realize as soon as possible that citizens and tourists can take electric tour buses for sightseeing along the Dongting Lake.

Vice Mayor Li successively visited the Beimen Ferry, Yueyang Boat Brigade Wharf of the Armed Police Yueyang Detachment, Yueyang Tower Scenic Area, Wanjia Yuhuo Restaurant, Central Reserve Grain Yueyang Direct Storage Co., Ltd., and other important nodes along the lake. He learned about the problems encountered in the route planning and made suggestions for optimization of the route direction.

He requested that the planning should ensure that the tour routes are not waterlogged, and arrange lakeside routes as much as possible to bring conveniences for citizens and tourists when they enjoy the scenic views of the Dongting Lake. He noted that the route planning should meet the needs of sightseeing and make full use of existing resources. The planning and design departments should adapt to local conditions and come up with alternatives for comparison and selection, and strive to start construction of the electric tour bus line along the Dongting Lake in downtown Yueyang as soon as possible, to benefit the citizens and make the tour line an attractive scenery along the Dongting Lake, he added.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

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