Yueyang Begins Population Census Long Form Registration Work

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From November 16 to 30, 10% of all short form users will be randomly selected to fill in the long form. The long form registration is carried out by the way that census instructor goes door to door and guides the selected to fill the form on the spot. Currently Yueyang¡¯s long form registration work is in full swing. Huang Weixiong, head of Pingjiang County, was selected as a long form registration candidate. Huang actively cooperated with census instructors in information collection.

There are 48 items in the long form registration, of which 19 are family information and 29 are personal information. It collects data including housing, marital status, and profession of each resident. The population census can facilitate the formulation of education, medical care, elderly care, transportation, and other livelihood service planning, and provide a more detailed statistical information support to improve people¡¯s living standards.

Translator: Xiao Juan
Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn