Mayor Li Inspects Miluo

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Li Aiwu, CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee deputy secretary and Yueyang mayor, inspected Miluo on November 18, 2020. She then held a symposium to solicit opinions on the formulation of the ¡°14th Five-Year Plan¡± of Yueyang City. She emphasized that the problems should be identified, the shortcomings made up, the bottom lines kept, and the goals and tasks for the year sprinted, to ensure a successful conclusion of the ¡°13th Five-Year Plan¡± and a good start to the ¡°14th Five-Year Plan¡±. Liu Xiaoying, CPPCC Yueyang Municipal Committee vice chairwoman and Yueyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission director; Liu Chuanhan, Yueyang Municipal People¡¯s Government secretary-general; and, persons in charge of relevant departments, participated.

Mayor Li and her entourage visited the Miluo Circular Economy Industrial Park, Miluo Anti-drug Education Base, and Dragon Boat Race Center construction site, to inspect the completion of key tasks such as annual work objectives, provincial and municipal performance evaluation indicators, major project construction, and rectification of ecological and environmental protection issues. She then hosted a symposium to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the main responsible comrades of the CPC Miluo Municipal Committee and the Miluo Municipal People¡¯s Government on the preparation of the ¡°14th Five-Year Plan¡± of Yueyang City.

Mayor Li spoke highly of Miluo¡¯s achievements this year. She said that in the face of various major risks and challenges, Miluo City has overcome numerous difficulties, and the entire economy and society have shown a healthy, coordinated, and sustainable development trend. In the future, Miluo should find out problems, make up for the shortcomings, firmly hold the bottom line, and work hard in spite of difficulties to ensure the full completion of the annual goals and tasks.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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