Improved Eco-environment Makes Picturesque Hunan

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The photo shows a lively scene along the Yangtze River Linxiang section in Yueyang. Hunan has been firmly adhering to the path of green development that puts ecology first. Concentrated efforts have been made in treating key environmental problems, improving ecological remediation, and boosting industrial transformation and upgrading. Hunan has taken concrete actions in protecting the Yangtze River, and promoting the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Dongting Lake Ecological Economic Zone. (Photo/Chen Shilin)

Visitors are enchanted by the sea of flowers at Yanghu National Wetland Park in Changsha. (Photo/Wu Qiusheng)

The photo shows a green scene around the Hualong Wharf Wetland in Junshan District, Yueyang. Formerly a river sand wharf, it was closed by the Yueyang government in 2017, and has been greened since then. (Photo/Xu Dianbo)

The photo shows picturesque Nanshan National Park in Shaoyang. It is one of China¡¯s first batch of national parks. In recent years, it has put ecology first, and taken efforts in protecting and remedying ecological environment. The vegetation coverage reaches 92.7%. (Photo/Xie Chao)

The photo shows verdant Datongshan Afforestation Community in the Huping Mountain Natural Reserve in Changde¡¯s Shimen County. This natural reserve is a precious species gene bank of Central China. Covering only 3¡ë of the total area, it reserves 60% of species genes of the province. (Photo/Yang Changwei)

Swans fly over Caisang Lake in Junshan District, Yueyang. (Photo/Shi Shuwei)

The photo shows a group of elks at the Zhuzi River outlet to East Dongting Lake, Yueyang. As the local authority strengthened environmental protection and improvement, the ecological environment around the Dongting Lake has improved notably in recent years. An increasing number of elks come to settle down. (Photo/Yao Yi) 

The photo shows a dawn scenery of the Yanghu National Wetland Park in Changsha. The park is a key ecological civilization project of the Xiangjiang New Area. It has five functional zones, such as those for wetland ecosystem conservation, ecological remediation, and scientific popularization and presentation. The Xiangjiang New Area will be built into a demonstration area featuring harmonious coexistence of city, wetland, and people. (Photo/Zhou Qiliang)