Xiangyin Officially Included into Xiangjiang New Area

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The CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Standing Committee held a meeting on September 10 on Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan (CZT) regional integrated development, CZT National Independent Innovation Demonstrate Zone, and Hunan Xiangjiang New Area development. The meeting deliberated and approved the Layout Plan of CZT Regional Integrated Development, and the Guidelines on the Xiangjiang New Area High-quality Development. According to these documents, the Xiangjiang New Area will include two new regions ¨C Xiangying of Yueyang, and Jiuhua of Xiangtan. The policies of the Xiangjiang New Area will be replicated and promoted in the two regions which will be involved into the spatial plan of CZT regional integration.

Hence, Xiangyin will make a historic breakthrough in integrating with Changsha. The entire territory of Xiangyin will be included into the scope of CZT City Cluster urban planning, and it will become a new member of the Xiangjiang New Area, Central China¡¯s first national new area. The plan of ¡°three cities and one county in one blueprint¡± will be put in place. Xiangyin is entering a new era of regional integrated development.

Translator: Pang Yuehui
Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn