Yueyang Strengthens Preparedness Against Floods

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The photo, taken on July 27, shows the Chenglingji hydrologic station in Yueyang City after the rain. Heavy rains hit the city on July 26. At 16:00 on July 27, the water level at the Chenglingji hydrologic station of Dongting Lake reached 34.68 meters, 0.13 meters higher than the guaranteed level (34.55 meters), due to continuous rainfalls and upstream inflows. Yueyang City has arranged precautionary measures in the face of the new round of heavy rainfall. According to the requirements of Level II emergency response for flood control, Yueyang clearly identified responsibilities and mobilized 52,000 CPC members, cadres and the masses to patrol dikes. (Photo/Peng Zhan)

Translator: Xiao Juan

Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn